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Important information


Important information

  • Tickets and entrance

    Visitors are kindly requested to have their tickets ready in printed form to ensure smooth entrance process and prevent long queues. Tickets for the second show (July 8th) are available via Ticketportal and will be on the spot.

    We have taken several measures that are part of our fight against ticket touts. The name on the ticket must be the same as on the ID presented at the entrance. The same surname is sufficient in case of family members. Regarding tickets purchased in large quantities fans will only be allowed in if accompanied by the person whose name is written on the ticket. Ticket payment confirmation must be provided upon request.

    Unfortunately, the name change requests are not possible at this moment. Only requests sent by June 30th will be accepted.

    Requests for name changes on the spot on show date: serious health reasons with a proper medical report will be assessed individually only on the spot on the day of the concert, based on a certified power of attorney, a copy of the identity card of the previous ticket holder and a receipt for payment.

    The ticket allows one entry.

  • Payments on the event

    Payments on the event premises can only be made in cash. The only exception is the merchandise stand where you can pay by card. Please note that there is no ATM on the event premises. Food & beverages will be available in price range from 50 czk to 200 czk.

  • Transport

    The concerts take place in the immediate vicinity of the “Letňany” metro station. Car park is not available and the surrounding roads will only be accessible to pedestrians. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to take the metro, as there will be extra train service. The last train goes from Letnany station at 1:00 am and DPP ensured that everyone who attended the show will get home safely.

  • Depository / cloakroom

    It will not be available in the venue.

  • More information

    For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions section at


  • Prohibited items

    For security, we provide a list of prohibited items with which the visitors will not be allowed to enter the premises:

    • DSLR cameras
    • iPads
    • Go-Pro cameras
    • selfie sticks
    • chairs (e.g. folding)
    • signs or posters larger than A5
    • backpacks or bags larger than A5
    • audio/video recording equipment
    • weapons of any kind
    • knives and sharp objects
    • drones or radio equipment
    • glass objects
    • cans
    • food or drink
    • PET bottles
    • pyrotechnics
    • alcohol
    • laser pointers and lights
    • umbrellas
  • Barrier-free access

    A special sector will be reserved for visitors with ZTP/P tickets.

  • Health

    For safety reasons, we do not recommend visiting the concert to pregnant women and very young children.

  • Animals

    Dogs and pets are not allowed to the concert.

  • Safety

    Fire brigade and ambulance service will be present on the premises.

Time schedule of both concerts


7.7. / 8.7. 2019

Ed Sheeran in Prague

The schedule is indicative and changes are reserved.

Due to the high number of visitors, it is important to come to the concert well in advance.

The venue will be opened from 3 pm until the very end of the show.

The premises open 15:00
Zara Larsson 18:45
James Bay 19:45
Ed Sheeran 21:00
End of concert (time is indicative) 23:00

Please read the Important information carefully before visiting the concert.

Venue map


We recommend downloading the map to your mobile before the concert.




If you have any other question, please check Frequently Asked Questions or contact us on Thank you!